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Do you believe that we should be using renewable energy sources?

In accordance with this, do you believe it makes sense to try to grow fast-growing plants to use for fuel?

Would you be happy sharing cars as public property?

This will give drivers a more varied experience with cars, as well as increased chances of driving something that is currently considered 'high-class'.

This will not only mean that car maintenance will be a matter of public safety, increasing the pressure to ensure quality standards, but will also reduce the amount of ditched and wasted cars.

If this does not appeal to you, would you be happy to share the available space in your car with others, and actively seek to ensure that you are helping when you can?

i.e. via community message boards, asking your neighbours, etc.?

Do you believe that we should have community centres and meeting places for the masses to use technology freely and together?

Producers often hire people to figure out the shortest life-span of a product, whilst still gaining the trust of the consumer.

Would you like to re-evolve technology to its full potential so that all technology is upgraded to its most efficient and durable state?

Would you agree with trying to ensure that the same technology is available to everyone everywhere?


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